The school system is outdated.
It’s time for an upgrade.

Watch our video on the 6 major problems with the school system that we aim to address.

NEXT is bringing a much needed upgrade to our traditional system of education. We spent 6 years researching and travelling across the planet in search of the best models of education. We are bringing home a revolutionary paradigm that will make school engaging, relevant and rewarding for each child. It’s called Big Picture Learning.


What happens when school is about pursuing your own passions and interests instead of just following the teachers instructions? When its about what you want to do instead of what the system wants you to do? Well, kids love coming to school so much that they start disliking holidays!



Big Picture is a revolutionary educational framework that has received widespread acclaim from world leaders and experts alike. It puts students at the centre of their own learning by personalising each child’s education. It focuses on real world learning and helps children develop 21st century skills like creativity, collaboration, communication, planning and goal setting. It’s considered by many to be the best educational system in the world.

  • “We’ll follow the example of places like the Met Center in Rhode Island (first Big Picture school) that give students that individual attention, while also preparing them through real-world, hands-on training for the possibility of succeeding in a career”

    Barack Obama
    Barack Obama
  • In 2001, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced that the Met (first Big Picture school) was its favorite high school in America, and that the U.S. needed more schools like it, providing Big Picture Learning with two large grants to replicate its design nationwide.

    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • "Big Picture Learning has redefined — indeed, revolutionized schooling. By bringing students and their interests to the forefront, it is a model of student-centered learning, which is key to intrinsically motivating students”

    CLAYTON CHRISTENSEN Harvard Business School Professor and Author of 'Disrupting Class'
  • “Big Picture is the ‘iPhone’ of education to the ‘walkman’ of old. I’d be proud and eager to send my own kids to a Big Picture school"

    MARK ECKO Billionaire entrepreneur, fashion designer and philanthropist


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The Big Picture framework provides a comprehensive solution to the glaring problems in our education system. It is the much needed upgrade we have been waiting for. Hear from our CEO about how Big Picture addresses each and every problem we highlighted in the animated video.


Explore our incredible school campus in Mulund. Our architects have purpose designed the school for the Big Picture model to create stunning learning spaces.

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To learn more about the Big Picture framework and how we can personalise your child’s education, sign up for a one-on-one session with a member from our team. 

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